How it Works

The Advocacy Progress Planner (APP) is a free online "logic model" for advocates who want to start thinking about planning and evaluation. The APP enables advocates to:

  • Plan better: make realistic predictions about feasible accomplishments
  • Evaluate better: record information to make improvements along the way

Each choice you make about your advocacy campaign while creating a customized APP will pave the way for your next step. You'll explore the following steps:

  • Goals: What change needs to happen?
  • Audience: Who can make it happen?
  • Context: What else is going on?
  • Activities: How will you get it done?
  • Inputs: What do you have? What do you need?
  • Benchmarks: How will you know you're on the right track?

What's new?

Based on feedback from our many users, we've designed new features to help advocates design a logic model that serves their planning needs. Here are some of our latest updates:

  • At each step, you can mouse over your selections to see more: with definitions, tips from our team, and concrete examples, we offer more meaning to the choices you select.
  • Add notes and comments to your selections.  Now you can record tailored comments and notes for each selection you choose.  This is especially useful if you are sharing your work with colleagues.
  • Track progress toward your goals.  Now you and your colleagues can more easily set meaningful and measurable benchmarks in our new, easy-to-use format.  We offer users additional support as they work through one of the most challenging pages of the APP- Benchmarks and Outcomes.
  • Share your work with colleagues.  Invite your colleagues to view and comment on the APP you’ve created.  Or allow them to edit the APP directly- a great option for members of teams who are collaborating closely in creating their APP.
  • See your final logic model.  You may view the online or PDF version of your completed APP- with or without your notes and comments.  Once it’s saved, your password-protected APP is accessible to you at anytime.

How was it created?

The APP is an online tool developed from the Composite Logic Model built by a team of evaluation experts led by Julia Coffman of the Center for Evaluation Innovation. The California Endowment funded the creation of the APP. The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation funded this expanded version. The APP was originally designed by Heather Gardner-Madras and built using Drupal by Dagwood Reeves with brilliant support from Tarek Rizk. The APP is a product of the Aspen Institute's Advocacy Planning and Evaluation Program (APEP).